7 Reasons Local Criminal Attorneys Are Better

Criminal defense lawyer sometime gets a not-so-flattering portrayal because people assume that he defends the guilty. However, if you are a defendant in a criminal proceeding, you need the assistance of a qualified criminal defense lawyer, regardless of your guilt or innocence. As the protector and advocate of the accused, defense lawyer plays a pivotal role in the justice system of almost every democratic country, and that is to see that everyone charged with criminal offence has an opportunity to defend themselves.

This post highlights the significance of good criminal lawyers, such as, in defending charges or proving crime.

The Main Purpose

The main purpose of any criminal lawyer e is to protect the rights of the accused. Upholding your rights under the Bill of Rights as set forth in Canada, criminal lawyers Mississauga are bound by law to assist their clients by making sure you are treated fairly by the Canadian criminal justice system. Specifically, your criminal defense lawyer’s job is to see that you are allowed:

  • The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”;
  • The right to a trial by a jury of your peers;
  • The right to a speedy and public trial;
  • The right to remain silent;
  • The right to legal counsel; and
  • The right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

On the other hand, Mississaugacriminal lawyers get a great deal of satisfaction when their representation of an accused individual has a positive impact on society. For instance, when a criminal defense lawyer helps a client avoid more serious legal consequences by intervening in lives to affect positive change (i.e., plea bargains of rehabilitation instead of jail time, community service and probation instead of jail time etc.).

Criminal Defence Attorney Defends The Innocent

Most important role of a criminal defense attorney is to defend the innocent. We see daily about overturned criminal cases where new evidence verifies the incarceration of an innocent person who has served time as a result of an incorrect guilty verdict. And, while for the most part, most clients of criminal defense attorneys are somewhat criminally culpable in the crime they have been charged with, on rare occasions, some of a lawyer’s clients are truly innocent. Though a rare occurrence, innocent people are accused and convicted of criminal offenses.

Criminal Defence Attorney Protects the Rights of the Guilty

In general guilty clients that criminal defense attorney represents fall into two categories:

  • Those who deny criminal culpability; and
  • Those who take responsibility for their criminal behavior

Most lawyers agree that the most difficult criminal client to represent is one that takes some responsibility for the crime as it is much easier to establish innocence or reasonable doubt when you don’t think your client is guilty. Facing ethical and moral dilemmas daily, a criminal defense lawyer must deal with situations where they have knowingly facilitated the release of a guilty person, risking their reputation and a clear conscience.

As a trusted advocate, criminal defense lawyers have a great deal of influence on their clients’ lives as opposed to a judge, prosecutor or probation officer.


Sexual harassment & how employment lawyers can help!

The work place has become a common ground for harassment for many years. However, this situation has changed due to strict laws implemented by Toronto to control such outrageous behavior. Interestingly, many employment law firms in Toronto state that it is not always the woman subject to harassment and men also face similar problems. There are many types of harassment that an individual can face in the work place and they two major types are:

  1. Discriminatory Harassment – The individual need not be subjected to physical contact or verbal abuse, but sexual harassment can be in the form of discrimination as well. De Bousquet Toronto explains this condition with an example. If the employer or the boss invites only men for a meeting leaving out women, then it is considered as a bias decision and the women can file a discriminatory sexual harassment law suit against the company. There must be equality in the office and everyone should respect that.
  2. Severe Harassment – If an individual is targeted in the work place for being a particular gender, color or religion; then, it comes under severe harassment. With the help of an employment lawyer Toronto the individual can immediately file a case against the company or the individuals. In instances like these, many companies have faced severe problems and some were even closed. So frequent harassment can harm the individual who has done it and the work place also.

Lawyers’ advice

According to employment law firms in Toronto, many employees in the work place are not aware of these laws and tease people casually. If this goes out of hand and fun doesn’t remain fun anymore, the individual can react in a severe manner. Therefore, the companies have to take responsibilities and follow strict policies to ensure that harassment is not seen in the office.

A lawyer can take any gesture like signaling, abusing, unwanted physical contact, sexual jokes, derogatory movements of the limbs, etc. to file a case against an individual. For those who are experiencing such situations in real life, they can confidently hire an employment lawyer Toronto to take care of the situation.

The victim’s responsibility

Before going for legal help, the individual has to understand certain things. The first thing is that the other person might have been doing some gestures as a result of some previous unintentional response from the side of the individual [victim]. It is agreeable that matters like that are hard to remember, but the individual has to intimate the person to stop such advances as they are hurting emotions. The second thing, if the person doesn’t take heed, is to complain to the supervisor or superiors about the matter. If there is a union for employees, it is suggestible to take the matter in front of them. If the situation is not resolved even after all the efforts, and then the individual [either male or female] can approach a lawyer and take legal actions. Once the matter enters the hands of a lawyer, an individual can be assured that justice is done and the person is punished appropriately.

What a Criminal Lawyer Can Do That Others Can’t

If you think criminal lawyers are just meant to call the witness in the court and question him, you know nothing about them. It’s one of the many responsibilities that they do. What else they can do? This post will show how difficult it is to be a criminal lawyer.

  1. Provide you with a reality check.

Toronto defense lawyer knows what is going on much better than you will during your criminal trial. Defense attorneys have the advantage of remaining objective throughout a proceeding and can offer insights into how the trial is actually going and what is likely to happen in the near future. These assessments and reality checks are often essential when a criminal defendant is trying to decide whether or not to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.

  1. Plea Bargains

These deals, also known as “plea bargains” can often reduce your potential sentence or eliminate some or all of the charges brought against you. However, prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate with defendants that represent themselves.

  1. Figure out a good sentencing program

Your criminal defense lawyer Toronto may be able to work your sentence in a way that would prevent you from winding back up in the criminal justice system. For instance, instead of going to prison for 10 months, your criminal defense attorney may suggest that you go to prison only for 6 months and spend the remaining 4 months in a drug treatment facility to help you with the drug problem.

  1. Navigate your case.

In addition to written rules, such as the local rules of court, that must be obeyed and followed, there are often many “unwritten rules” that go along with each jurisdiction. For example, if only certain prosecutors are able to make and approve plea bargains, Newmarket criminal lawyer may save your time by talking to the right person the first time.

  1. Point out important things you don’t know.

Many rules and laws about criminal prosecutions are buried within regulations and laws, and even prior court opinions. For example, if you were to represent yourself, you may never know if the search that the police conducted was lawful or not, without understanding the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

  1. Explain about hidden costs involved with pleading guilty.

Many people that represent themselves never think about the consequences of pleading guilty if it could lead to a shorter sentence. For example, if you plead guilty, you may find it very hard to find a job once you have completed your punishment.

  1. Gather evidence and statements

Many witnesses, understandably so, refuse to give statements or information to people that were allegedly involved in a crime, for fear of their own safety. However, these witnesses are often much more willing to talk to an attorney about their upcoming testimony.

  1. Find and hire investigators.

These investigators can investigate not only the alleged crime but also the witnesses that the prosecution is going to call to the stand. If these investigators can find evidence that would make a witness’s testimony less believable, this could help your case tremendously.

DUI Charges and their Consequences

In Canada, DUI allegations are very stiff. Drivers accused of DUI are prone to pay fine or invest some energy in detainment. The most noticeably bad thing is, you will have this offense in your criminal record for whole life.

To understand the worst impacts of alcohol on people, you don’t have to go too far. Just ask a person who has been charged with DUI and has been facing a trial. There’s no denying on the disadvantages of liquor to physical health. It not only damages important organs like heart and liver, its impact on brain can put others in danger too.

The term ‘Driving Under Influence’ refers to the circumstances in which a driver is found to have taken, or was under the impact of, liquor or any other substance hazardous to health.

You can talk to Impaired law desk Otawa and protect yourself. Despite the fact that, DUI lawyersOttawawill spare you from inconvenience contingent on the seriousness of wrongdoing, most ideal approach to stay away from these issues is to avoid them.

Major DUI Punishments

Impaired driving lawyersOttawa are capable enough to win your case, depending upon the nature of the case.But you can’t always get away from most noticeably awful results. In case you’re discovered of DUI, you will have one more of the following punishments:

  • Fine and the court charges
  • Probation
  • Loss of employment
  • Driving permit suspension
  • Period under authority
  • Restriction on leasing vehicle
  • Higher protection rates
  • Revocation

Driving under influence has become a serious issue and government has been very strict about it. In this way, it you’re accused of DUI, don’t expect any relaxation.

Some Eye-Opening DUI Facts

In the west, DUI cases have been on a rise and the main reason behind this increasing rate is the lack of restriction on drinking alcohol publicly. However, driving laws have been critical and restrict individuals to take alcohol in the vehicle. It could bring about:

  • A conceivable death of the individual driving, going with the driver, or came in the range of the vehicle.
  • Any wounds emerge from impaired driving
  • Any harm to the property; private or public

You can discover a great many certainties demonstrating that weakened driving is very hazardous. Here are few disturbing truths:

1.More than 534,000 individuals experience the ill effects of hindered driving crashes every year, in the United States alone.

2.Drunk driving among individuals somewhere around 21 and 25 years is higher than other age bunches (23 %)

3.In 2012. more than 29 million individuals were captured for DUI

4.In 2013, almost 1,150 kids under 14 were murdered in light of auto accidents and 17% of them kicked the bucket in view of liquor related driving. 61% of these youngsters were tenants of vehicles while the remaining were people on foot.

5.Alcohol related fatalities are entirely high among North American ethnic gatherings. They represent more than 73% of aggregate fatalities.

6.According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), liquor accident happens after ever 32 minutes.

7.On normal one individual gets harmed consistently, because of liquor related accidents.


7 tips to choose Toronto criminal law firm

Are you facing a criminal charge against you? If yes is that you answered, and then you certainly need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced Toronto criminal law firm to help you get out of the case. There are a number of options to select from; it might be tough for you to look out for the one that is perfect for your case. How will you trust any lawyer at one goes? There are a few things that you need to know that will help you choose the right law firm for you.

There is no doubt in the fact that it is tough to choose one from the many ready to help you, Jeff Hershberg Lawyer Toronto gives you 7 tips to hire the best

Choosing a law firm that has passion for law:

You will certainly not want to hire criminal lawyer Toronto that is just doing his/her work. Choose a professional who loves his/her work. Find a lawyer that hears your story, shows interest and fights the case for you.

Law and courtroom experience is not similar:

The number of years of experience on working on law and working in a courtroom defending the case is not same. You need to look for a lawyer that possesses the expertise in defending your charges.

A strong legal team:

In order to prepare for the court case, a strong legal team is required. Thus you need to look for a law firm that backs a really strong team of Toronto Criminal lawyers that will help you with the case. You should meet the staff in order to know whether they have the potential to win the case on your behalf.


When you are looking out for the criminal lawyer Toronto, there is one thing that remains unknown. The lawyer will not be able to guarantee you the outcome. What should you do in such a case? You need to look for a law firm that builds a strong case for you and the one that only keeps on promising you.

Check out referrals:

A good criminal lawyer has to match his/her reputation. Ask your trusted sources for recommendations. The best lawyers in town will even have some unsatisfied clients, so go with a lawyer that has good reviews more than bad.

Do not take a decision based on fees charged:

It is obvious that an experienced criminal lawyer will charge more when compared to a just out of school lawyer. What you need to do is compare the fees charged by the lawyer to the similarly experienced lawyers. This will help you know whether it too high or too low. Make certain that you do not take a decision based on the fees.

A lawyer who understands:

You need to find Toronto Criminal lawyers that understand you. The lawyer is certainly familiar will all the technical terms but you are not. Thus, you need to make certain that he/she makes you understand things in using regular terms.